Client Update – Watershed Event For Evolving Gold

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April 22, 2010 03:43 AM

As I’ve noted for weeks, EVG’s management has recognized a perception by the market regarding its management abilities and has taken a giant step by announcing R. Stuart (Tookie) Angus has taken over as Chairman of the Board. I believe this can prove to be a watershed event for EVG.

For starters, I believe current and potential EVG shareholders ability to sleep at nights with Mr. Angus steering the ship has increased at least ten-fold. I also believe it’s very fair to assume other changes can occur once Mr. Angus has had a chance to get a grip of the wheel.

I’ve stated over and over again that unlike 99% of its peers, EVG had the rarest of opportunities to have not one, but two, potential world class projects in its stables. With Mr. Angus now at the helm, that factor should shine even brighter.