Gold Projections 1/26/12

The primary purpose for buying gold or silver is for preservation, protection and profit as well as survival from the destruction of paper money. It’s just that simple.

Under the current financial circumstances, increases in the price of gold and silver will be significant and substantial over time.

However, common sense dictates one should restrict new purchases to after retracements, not after $200 gold price advances.

Strategic Play
Currently, we have just experienced a $200 advance in gold an a $7 increase in silver. Strategically, this is where one should be taking some money off the table, not initiating new bullion positions.
You will find many predictions elsewhere on how high gold or silver will ultimately go with some really outrageous numbers being offered. The projections may be true but they are still several years down the road.

You will not find blue sky predictions here only clear, credible and convincing evidence. Improvements in the gold price are always in steps and considerable patience needs to be exercised while waiting for the next surge or price achievement to occur.

Future Outlook
It can be said that unless this Titanic financial boat changes course radically and immediately, the weight of the evidence, risk/reward ratios and program projections does suggest a new all time high in gold and silver prices later this year.

Additional supporting evidence and nuggets of value are described here.